Coaching is empowering


Coaching is a way of effectively empowering people to find answers and solutions to their challenges.
Coaching helps people to stretch even beyond what they think is possible and encourages and
supports them to take the necessary actions. It is a very practical, down-to-earth way of working with
individuals and groups.

In a coaching process you are being challenged to unveil your best talents and potential,
which already resides within you. Coaching challenges and supports individuals and organizations
to grow, develop and prosper in the future.

Coaching is about crystallizing thoughts and practices, and as a result it brings about change and
speeds up progress both in individuals and organizations.

Excellent Leadership is about empowering – and inspiring

Great leaders have clear visions and they are goal-oriented. Excellent leaders
also pay attention to how they treat others, react and take action.
Excellent leadership is about inspiring the best effort in others and getting them
to take action. In order to lead others you have to be able to lead yourself.

Excellent leadership is an intriguing combination of being professionally driven
but human and humble at the same time. Excellent leaders can be found on factory
floors as well as in top positions, they can be either extroverts or introverts.
Everybody is capable of developing themselves. The objective of the “inner work”
is to gain clarity of focus, strong will and inexhaustibility. The goal for the “outer
work” is to develop ability to listen to the others and to communicate clearly and openly.

Characteristics of an excellent leader:

  • honest
  • self-disciplined
  • goal-oriented
  • good listener

Five steps to Excellent Leadership

Developing excellent leadership requires both exploration of your own mind and ”walking the thought”.

1. Clarity It’s necessary to identify your inner obstacles whether due to bad habits or outer cicumstances, and to remove them. Clarity is about being honest to yourself and seeing both your strengths and areas of development.

2. Will is about setting priorities and defining what’s important for you, in your personal and working life.

3. Goal  is the outcome of envision, seeing your potential.
Goal is the result of your focused will and thoughts.

4. Plan Planning is strategy, motivation and self-discipline put into a plan of action.

5. Action Action is the final stage of the process, It’s the hour-to-hour, day-to-day management and operative tasks that are to be completed.


1-3 deals with you as a person, your  BEING
4-5 deals with how you act, your  DOING

The process for coaching Excellent Leadership
is about finding a balance between left brain
management (doing) and right brain
leadership (being).

Coaching programs for Excellent Leadership

gracia coaching tailors all programs to the unique needs of the customer
– whether an individual or an entire company.

  • from a few months to a process of up to one year
  • modules and exercises that best support the defined objectives
  • the best benefits are gained when the programs are integrated with the company’s other training and change initiatives at multiple levels of the organization
Coaching for creativity, innovation and inspiration

  • When you need an inspiring tool to motivate leaders and employees to take action towards new goals or strategies

Leadership training and development

  • When your company needs to train new leaders or re-activate the skills of middle-management

Team coaching

  • When you need hands-on coaching in smaller groups in order to implement new company strategies or policies

One-to-one coaching

  • When you want to work with a personal coach who will challenge and support you to take action, and who will speed up your progress of achieving the goals

Investment that brings results

  • leaders that undergo the coaching programs are more productive,
    goal-oriented and proactive, and have improved communication skills
  • improved team performance
  • increased productivity, growth and business results
  • environment of trust and support


Secrets of Success

1. The strategic factors reflect the true
business needs.

2. The top management, the board and senior
executives embrace both the initiative
– as well as support the employees at every level.

3. Training and coaching is an ongoing process.

4. The training initiative creates measurable
results for the company.

Prosperous working environment needs cultivation

Good customer service is key to success and profit. Serving the customer well requires serving well the employee.
This is achieved by offering the personnel direction, clear goals and support.

Professional coaching is a crucial component of an organization’s toolkit when nurturing excellence in leadership and
company culture. At its best, a working environment is human, innovative, inspiring and supportive.

When the goals of the company are aligned with the professional ones of the management, the company has a
solid basis for an open, transparent and supportive culture. In this kind of an adaptive environment, change can be
effectively implemented and is seen as an integral, positive, value of the company culture.