Pia Ullberg

Pia Ullberg has over 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching, as a lecturer and speaker, both in Finland and abroad. She has coached groups and individuals on personal growth and on achieving goals. During the past ten years she has been working as a leadership coach for a variety of customers (i.e. in the fields of production, industry, and health care). The foundation of her work and know how is a solid and varied international training and a network of experts and coaching professionals.

Feedback from peers and clients:

““Pia Ullberg is always professional, but her energy and belief in the best in each person is what makes her a standout in the crowd of coaches. She knows what it takes to call forth peak performance and be a catalyst for change”.
Laura Berman Fortgang, Master Credential Coach, International Coach Federation

”Pia has coached our 40 leaders in the past five years. Through her great people knowledge, solid experience as a teacher and her positive approach, she makes quick contact with the persons and creates a trustful interaction environment”.
Jan-Erik Tuominen, HR Manager, OY FORCIT AB

“To me Pia means Gracious Being. She has dared to walk her talk truly and to the full. And in doing so she has given a great many others inspiration to their own hearts and minds”.
Jari Sarasvuo, Managing Director, Trainers’ House Oyj

”Her enthusiasm is catching and her solid experience forms an excellent basis for a fruitful collaboration”.
Tony Dunderfelt, Psychologist, Business Consultant

”Pia found the human being in us”.
Henrik Lemberg, Project Manager, IDO Bathroom Ltd

”The coaching sessions have bared good fruit – the leaders are now speaking the same language and they dare to speak out. The ability to understand and accept differencies is increased”.
Veikko Kovalainen, Product Manager, Printal OY

”Pia is energetic and inspiring. As a partner she is to be trusted”.
Arja Paloneva-Pylkkönen, Physician and Psychotherapist

”Pia Ullberg is one of the few select individuals worldwide that I have chosen to personally train in my specialized methods of coaching”.
Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching

“In her coaching Pia has successfully reached for goals that take people to right directions”.
Pertti Sutka, Managing Director, Helsingin ura-instituutti Oy